“Zang Tafrehi”, the representative of Iran in the “Sakarya” festival in Turkey

According to Borna; Today, October 14, the 7th Saqqariya International Short Film Festival in Turkey He finishes his work and the short film “Fun Bell” by ایران Among the nine finalists for short fiction works to win the festival award in this category with works from Russia, Greece, Turkey, United States USA, Slovenia and Mexico Competition he does.

Sakarya International Short Film Festival was started in 2015 by the Faculty of Communication of Sakarya University (SAU). The festival was originally held under the name “Golden Pumpkin” (Golden Pumpkin) and from the fifth edition of the event was renamed the International Short Film Festival “Sakarya” to be known as the city of Sakarya and contribute to the cultural development of the city.

The short film “The Recess” is based on a true story and tells the story of a high school girl who during the fun bell and with the help of three friends secretly from School Get out and watch the match Soccer In the context of competitions League of Asian champions to the Azadi Stadium Go.

“Fun Bell” is written, produced and directed by Navid Nikkhah Azad and is the product of “Shamid Film”.

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