Women’s Football Premier League Pergol Sadranshin won on the day of Sepahan defeat

According to Vanannews,

In the third week of the Women’s Football Premier League competitions, Khatoon Bam team won with five goals against its host Sargol Bushehr team and remained at the top of the standings with 9 points.

In another important game this week, the second-ranked Sepahan team in Sirjan lost 2-0 to the municipality of this city.

The results of the third week of the Women’s Football Premier League are as follows:

Sirjan Municipality 2 – Sepahan Isfahan 0

Sanandaj Battery Farmer 7 – Shahrekord Zero National Team

Sailors of Bandar Anzali 3 – Cooperation of West Azerbaijan Zero

Alborz representative 2 – Ilam gas refinery zero

Isfahan Steel 4 – Kian Neishabour zero

Sargol Bushehr Safar – Khatoon Bam 5

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