Where is the support of the whole stock index? / Resistance; One million and 450 thousand units

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting the Journalists’ Club, Aradpour Kar, a capital market expert, said in relation to the technical condition of the Tehran Stock Exchange index: It has hit and moved up, but the index has moved down negatively over the past two days and has not been able to establish itself above the Kijonsen line.


He said that the total index of the stock market has a key support level in the range of one million and 379 thousand units to one million and 380 thousand units. The Kijonsen and the Como cloud in the Ichimoku analysis system can also be considered as total branch resistances, but the key resistance of this index is in the range of one million and 450 thousand units.

This capital market expert in analyzing the stock index of equity said: according to the image number two, the total equity index is in a neutral channel during the weekly time frame and the index has reacted to the ceiling and floor of this channel about 5 times. The weight index has moved up from the bottom of the channel, but has not yet taken the uptrend guard.


He said that the first resistance of the weighted index is at the level of 415 thousand to 427 thousand units, he said: the second resistance of this index is in the range of 469 thousand to 474 thousand units.

Pourkar said: the OTC index has also broken its downward trend and has a key support range of 19,791 units to 20,201 units. This index has penetrated in the range of 20 thousand and 201 units during the last few days and is currently below the range of 20 thousand units.

He said: “The Kijonsen line has not been broken yet, and if the total OTC index wants to stabilize above 20,201 units, it must break the Kijonsen line (blue line in the photo) upwards.” Therefore, the first key resistance of the OTC index is in the range of 21,533 units, and after that it can reach its previous ceiling.


The capital market expert said that the increase in the Senate dollar rate (the exchange rate of exporting companies) could affect the technical trend of all indicators. It will give to all indicators, so if the dollar of the Senate system moves upwards of 500 or 600 Tomans, it can be considered a stimulus for the growth of indicators.

In the end, Purkar added: “The method used in this technical analysis is the Ichimoku trading system with a combination of support and resistance lines.”

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