WhatsApp to add built-in sticker maker on the web

WhatsApp is always improving in order to remain competitive. Although new features aren’t always coming to all platforms, sooner or later all WhatsApp users get to benefit from them. The most recent improvement added to the messaging app, a built-in Sticker Maker, is only available on WhatsApp’s web version.

It will allow WhatsApp users to quickly create stickers directly within the app, thus removing the need to use third-party apps. The new Sticker Maker can be accessed via the paperclip icon. Simply select Sticker and choose an image to upload.

The images uploaded can then be edited to your heart’s desire. The picture can be cut and cropped, but you can also add emoji, text, as well as more WhatsApp stickers on top of the ones you create.

Of course, Android and iOS users must continue to use third-party apps to make their own stickers. Keep in mind that the built-in Sticker Maker announced today won’t be available on the web until next week.

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