What is the noise in black businesses / behind the scenes to remove transparency?

EconomyOnline – Mahboubeh Fakuri; “Inamad” is an electronic license that has been seriously monitored by the Iranian economy for about two years. A license that casts a heavy shadow over some unauthorized activities and, of course, still has a long way to go; But so far, work has been able to organize some transactions in cyberspace, especially in the field of money transfers for small and large transactions.

In fact, the e-Trust license, popularly known as an icon, is a credit to online stores so that the consumer, or buyer, can easily buy from government-approved sites and provide some form of initial credit. The Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade is in charge of the market.

Many people have not forgotten the story of the heavy money laundering cases of some betting and gambling portals and have not even forgotten that in some economic cases, a large number of people have fallen victim to paying sites that, after a while, have no trace of them. Has not been; But now those sales sites that have this token of trust are more trustworthy and people can make a safe purchase from it.

Now, however, there are many voices in the field of expanding the obligation of businesses to receive the symbol of electronic trust, and some businesses are not very willing to become systematic and receive this license, so it is very difficult for them to enter this space and walk in the clear light. Take; For this reason, this license is referred to as an Internet super-license and it is believed that a new barrier has been created for start-up businesses.

Of course, this is not the first time that the requirement to obtain a license has caused a great deal of controversy; Rather, when all businesses were to apply for e-trust licenses, many believed that small businesses would be crushed under the wheels of this e-license; However, although these criticisms seemed quite reasonable, a solution was found for it, and finally the Ministry of Silence and the Central Bank were able to extend their support in the field of obtaining umbrellas to support them.

Now, however, the so-called Internet superpower license is still being criticized by some of its opponents, and once again, after the PSPs were reorganized by the central bank and the e-commerce development center, Has been criticized; However, studies show that the portals of supply of illicit goods and gambling are the most critical in this area; After all, significant turnovers are formed annually in these areas, and the sweet taste in the mouths of some activists in these areas is much deeper than it can easily turn bitter.

Now, some managers of the Central Bank and Shaparak are talking about increasing financial turnovers, which record several thousand billion tomans of turnover per month in electronic payment gateways; That is why in February of last year, it was decided that the payment of donations would also be covered by a symbol.

In parallel with this decision, activists in this field raised criticisms and even resorted to the Vice President for Legal Affairs in order to receive an inquiry from him; However, they did not have much success in doing so.

Whatever the story, however, organizing the Internet business and requiring them to obtain the relevant licenses has worked well, and now the central bank claims to have been able to control much of the illegal work and money laundering in this area; Meanwhile, the problem of small businesses has been solved in some way, and they can obtain their licenses in less than one working day and receive a starless symbol only by paying 50,000 Tomans for a one-year subscription, and go through all the steps without dying. Do it on time and by submitting documents electronically.

Now, surveys by an online economics reporter show that over 1,500 starless symbols have been issued in the past two months and there is no serious challenge to get it, and people can get their symbol with the least amount of time and only by presenting identity and residence documents. .

But the noise is not a complete symbol, and now others, under the pretext of spending time and money to obtain this license, have likened it to an Internet super-license, declaring that this has blocked the way for many businesses and allowed Does not give them growth and development; However, the Ministry of Silence is determined to organize this issue and not allow the operation of gambling, betting, and sale of smuggled and prohibited goods; Although it faces serious opposition.

On the other hand, senior officials of the Ministry of Silence say that they have presented a new solution to the Central Bank and unregulated companies so that they do not fall into a deadlock. On the other hand, the processes have been simplified and made in absentia so that the work can be taken more seriously.

Experts should also be heard in this regard, as experts believe that the mandatory symbol connects businesses to receive payment gateways only through intermediaries in the role of payment of subsidies; If possible, mediation could be prevented by facilitating the order and granting free gateways to all applicants in addition to overseeing all processes.

On the other hand, experts consider the issue of accurate authentication of applicants to receive a symbol as one of the Achilles heel of this plan and believe that this authentication should be done with great care to continue the path of those sites that have a symbol. And are a place for consumers to refer to their services and needs, do not have problems; Because in any case, in the eyes of the people, sites with a symbol must be completely defensible and the government monitors them; But if for any reason negligence in the field of authentication, it can symbolize the trust of consumers and owners.

Anyway, now, Symbol is a remote and systematic process that consists of 6 stages such as authentication, technical access authentication, contact information authentication, certification, etc., and the whole process has been completely systematic and intelligent since 1998. , So that each applicant, if he completes his documents, can receive his symbol in just a few hours.

The important point in this regard is the serious demand of law-abiding and registered businesses that ask the government to organize internet businesses in terms of selling goods and paying for them, so that the spotlight of government transparency is not only on these units. They have listened to the government and refrained from buying and selling illegal goods, but have stopped all violations, which seem to be a legitimate demand.

However, the implementation of any strategy to combat money laundering and the sale and purchase of prohibited and illicit goods must be supported in order to prevent black businesses and restore confidence in the market.

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