What happened during the meeting of Mr. Raeisi’s campaign staff members with the central governor?

Fars News Agency – Last night, the central governor’s meeting hall on the fourth floor hosted more than a dozen active members of Mr. Ra’isi’s campaign, who gathered in coordination with the Islamic Unity and Thought Assembly of Markazi province and expressed their demands to the central governor.

The cabinet elected Farzad Mokhlesalameh as the 23rd central governor at the November 4 meeting. He is 49 years old and a native of the province. He has excellent in his record.

Last night, a group of active members of Mr. Ra’isi’s campaign in the Provincial Unity and Thought Assembly met in an intimate meeting with the central governor and spoke about the province’s concerns and challenges.

The secretary of the Central Province Thought Assembly said at the meeting: “People have endured many hardships and problems in the past eight years and expect the 13th government to solve these problems.”

Reza Azizabadi added: “Living problems, inflation, unbridled inflation, disorder, underemployment during the past years, a wave of Disappointment He stressed among the people that we must eliminate these disappointments and revive hope in the hearts of the people.

“We have no choice but to succeed for the government, so we must all join hands and help the government solve its problems,” he said.

The secretary of the Central Province Thought Assembly stated: The governing document of the province has been compiled and if it is appropriate, the details of this document should be told to the people so that the people are informed.

Azizabadi stated that the circle of governor advisors should be beyond the organizational people, noting that a special group and a channel should not advise the governor, but the governor should choose his advisors from different groups.

He said: “The governor is expected to select young and local managers for managerial positions, because non-native managers have caused a lot of damage to the province in recent years.”

The secretary of the Central Province Thought Assembly said in this meeting: the governor should not be confiscated for the benefit of a certain person and current, because this confiscation will destroy the province.

Azizabadi mentioned stability in the market, paying attention to the principle of proper selection in the arrangement of forces, reviving factories, etc. as other expectations of the people from the governor.

Rajaei, a faculty member of Arak University of Medical Sciences, also said: “Completing Valiasr Hospital as soon as possible is one of the serious medical needs of Markazi province.”

He added: attention to infertility treatment, supply Ambulance Emergency department, installation and commissioning of air pollution monitoring stations are other demands of the people of the province.

Reyhaneh Jalali, a media activist in Markazi province, also said: “Despite all the difficulties of media work, the members of the media are homeless, while in the previous government, they repeatedly promised to become housewives through the headlines of their media.”

He added: “The formation of a press jury trial, the fair distribution of advertising budgets of government agencies and attention to the welfare of this group are other expectations that the media have.”

Jamshid Zand, the head of the Central Province Guilds Chamber, also established a town Industries He mentioned the pollutant as one of the demands of the province’s guilds.

Creating recreational and welfare facilities in Arak, creating a sense of solidarity between different cities of the province, selecting local governors, paying attention to women and family, supporting entrepreneurs and producers, etc. were among the other topics discussed at the meeting.

Not many meetings have been held in recent years

The central governor also said that there are about 70 working groups and management meetings with the central governor, which includes a large amount of work that makes the work difficult.

Farzad Mokhlesalameh added: “Many of the meetings, including the Education Council, the Traffic Council, etc., have not been held in the province, so we have to organize these meetings.”

He added: “Clean forces are not in the field, we have a duty to field these forces quickly, they are from any group and faction, we will employ these people slowly, the dominance of impure forces has greatly increased the level of inefficiency.”

The governor is only responsible for the appointments of the governorate

Regarding the appointments, the central governor said: the governor is only responsible for the appointments of the governorate and governors, the selection of general managers is not in the hands of the governor and is in the interaction between the governor and the executive apparatus and is decided at the ministry level.

The central governor said: “There are some restrictions, including the use of forces from the body of the devices, which has made the work difficult. In some cities, due to differences, there is an insistence on choosing a non-native option.”
Mukhlis al-Imam considered localization as another priority of the governorate and said: the native should have a complete knowledge of the province, there are many differences between the value forces in the province, which are not in the interest of the province.

The central governor pointed out: In the field of industries, the province’s industries are not limited to the giant and large industries of Tehran Road and machine building, HEPCO, aluminum are not the only industries in the province, industries such as HEPCO is a symbol of corruption and inefficiency in wrong transfer to the private sector.

We will set up a steering center for deprivation projects in the province

The senior director of Markazi province said: “Paying attention to small industries should be a priority of industrial development programs. It is very unfortunate that the largest mining industrial investment in one of the cities is delaying the irrational behavior of ten extortionists who are looking to solve the problem.”

Mukhlis al-Imam said: The central province is a province with a capacity that must be used properly.
He said: “In the discussion of deprivation, we will set up a steering center for deprivation projects in the province. I do not believe in the traditional structure of the bureaucracy in the province. There is no change in the administrative system. Go ahead.

We started the economic diplomacy of the province

The central governor continued: “We started the economic diplomacy of the province, we consulted with three countries, capacity.” are you well We have to use these capacities properly.

Mukhlis al-Imam said: “We will not allow margins to affect the text of the work, some issues that are considered minor will be out of our priority.”

“We are both idealists and we will not stay away from the realities,” he said. “In the last eight years, no mention has been made of cooperatives. Is.

We will make serious efforts to solve the problem of Jahrom

Regarding the problems of Jahrom alley, he said: “We will make serious efforts to solve the problem of Jahrom, we will select a jihadi governor for Arak city to take care of all the issues of Arak city and address these issues.”

The central governor said: “Like the people and you, I am concerned and worried about the problems, but I am very hopeful for the future to solve the problems. In the field of air pollution in Arak, heavy vehicle traffic should be directed out of the city through a belt.” The urban area is on the agenda. At the meeting of the dialogue council, we approved the allocation of 30 hectares of land for disturbing industries, which will relocate industries, some of which may not be polluting, but which are considered disturbing industries anyway.

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