We must introduce the commanders and princes of the holy defense to today’s generation

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, during his visit to the national event of digital content production of Basij, said: “Heroic commanders and princes were present during the Islamic Revolution and the Holy Defense, which the current generation does not know. Be introduced.

According to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili, on the sidelines of visiting the final stage of the third national event of digital content production of Basij, told reporters: “Young people with talent and ability in the field of digital content production entered as an animation.” We had lagged behind its progress in the country for many years, and we are now witnessing the efforts of loved ones who worked 48 hours continuously to present their achievements as standard in this event.

Referring to the high quality of the event, he added: “This festival has increased the level of animation and computer games, and we can now claim that we are one of the top countries in this field, relying on these loved ones.”

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance announced comprehensive programs at the National Computer Games Foundation and said: “Taking into account the fact that games and animation have the highest rate of cultural consumption among young people, we have defined support programs.”

Ismaili, referring to the Ambassador of Love animation, parts of which were broadcast during the visit, said: “The images are completely reminiscent of this space, which has been produced with a very high technique, and it can be said that one of the extraordinary works has been done. And public presentation, we will witness the creation of spaces in favor of the revolutionary and pious currents of the country.

He called these events a space for talents in the country and said: “The achievements of these people belong to individuals in society and we see that representatives from all provinces are present at this event who are not affiliated with any government agency and rely on personal interests.” Do their activities. The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance should support these spaces so that we can see better things done in the future.

He added: “We in Iran, especially during the Islamic Revolution, have great personalities who can be seen in the center of the martyr Sardar Haj Qasem Soleimani, who was understood by all generations today.” If we go back to the era of imposed war and holy defense, we have heroic commanders and princes whom the current generation does not know, and we hope that by providing such spaces, it will be possible to introduce them to today’s generation.

He added: “One of my main programs in the Ministry of Culture; Cultural justice and attention to deprived areas. We have now set up a headquarters in the Ministry of Culture that is registering for education in deprived areas. Currently, 16,000 students have registered. The second task is to support the existing capacities, and our view of passing through Tehran means paying more special attention to the low-income and deprived areas where there are good talents.

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