We have not been able to benefit from the cultural and artistic capacities of Qazvin

According to the Fars news agency from Qazvin, the governor of Qazvin in the sixth biennial of calligraphy, which was held this evening at the Chehelston Museum Palace in Qazvin, said: Qazvin province is one of the important centers of culture and literature in the country and has a long history in this field.

He continued: “In these periods, many great people have been raised in this city and country and have played a very important role in the creation of works and the scientific and cultural development of the country.”

The governor of Qazvin stated: Isfahan today is indebted to Qazvin yesterday and is taken from the cultural developments that took place in Qazvin and with the transfer of the capital, all the capacities of Qazvin were transferred to Isfahan.

He said: “We could not use the great cultural and historical capacity of Qazvin. When the name of Qazvin is mentioned, other aspects of its industrial and economic are considered, while the cultural and historical aspect of Qazvin is much more effective and valuable. We could not use these capacities of Qazvin properly.” Let’s take advantage.

The governor of Qazvin stated: Qazvin province is a great capacity of history, science and culture, its ancient seminary has an irreplaceable role in scientific and cultural education, we also have a school that has played a role in scientific development for more than 70 years and Sheikh Baha’i He was trained here.

In the end, he emphasized: If we want to talk about calligraphy and calligraphy, we must go back to the advent of Islam, where the writing of the Qur’an has spread this art and this art plays a role in our country. are.

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