We are monitoring the movement of the American destroyer in the Black Sea

The American destroyer “Arley Burke” entered the Black Sea for a naval patrol, according to Borna, RIA Novosti news agency reported on Thursday.

Russian media reported that the US Navy was the target of the destroyer entering the Black Sea Security And the stability of the Black Sea with the cooperation of allies in NATO Has stated.

Also the Center for Defense Management Russia It said in a statement that it was monitoring the movements of American destroyers in the Black Sea.

The statement said that the ships and equipment of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea were monitoring the American destroyer.

The President of the Republic of Russia recently criticized the approach of the West and the United States in the Black Sea, saying that the actions Western countries It is tense in the Black Sea and violates international law.
Criticizing the military actions of the Western countries in the Black Sea, he said: “Strategic bombers are flying 20 kilometers away from the Russian border, carrying very serious weapons.”

Vladimir Putin added: “Russia will respond appropriately to the military activities of NATO and the United States near its borders.” NATO pioneered all mechanisms of dialogue and cooperation (with Russia).

He stated that Moscow “Our warning to Western countries has had a definite effect recently, and there are tensions and concerns between them (in the case of Russia),” he said.

Putin believes that this situation (concern and fear of the West) should last as long as possible so that no one thinks of a conflict in Russia’s western border areas. We do not need conflict.

According to him, Western countries are very superficial to Russia’s warnings and statements about its red lines.

He addressed Sergei Lavrov Minister foreign Affairs Russia It should be noted that Moscow must receive serious guarantees from the West about its security. This issue must be raised.

One week ago, Putin expressed concern about the presence of two American ships in the Black Sea Camera Or military equipment can be seen from his residence in the port of Sochi on the Black Sea coast.

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