The Zionist regime uses the cover of passenger planes to attack Syria

The Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria announced that the Israeli attack on Syria on Wednesday night was carried out under the cover of civilian planes.

The attack was carried out by four Israeli F-16 fighter jets, the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria said on Thursday, according to the Qatra website, quoting Iran Press.

On Wednesday night, the Syrian air defenses were activated to counter missiles fired by Israeli fighters, but according to the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, the Syrian army decided not to use defense systems because at the time of the Israeli airstrikes, two Passenger planes were nearby.

According to the report, the Israeli regime is using this new tactic to attack Syria to bypass Russian-made air defense systems.

In 2018, the Zionist regime used a Russian reconnaissance aircraft as a cover to attack Syria, causing the Syrian defense to mistakenly target the aircraft.

Tel Aviv was forced to apologize to Russia a few weeks later.

The Zionist regime fired rockets at areas near the city of Tadmor in Homs province, central Syria, on Wednesday night.

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