The thirteenth government pays serious attention to the issue of books and reading

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, Parliamentary Vice President, on the sidelines of the National Youth Book Award Ceremony, told reporters about the importance of culture and reading books: “Although in these days and in this period, discussing economic issues is very important and urgent and should be addressed, but the issue Culture also always has a high status.

He added: in order to solve some economic problems, it is even necessary to do cultural works and create cultural currents, therefore, the issue should not be neglected.

Referring to the importance of culture in society, Hosseini reminded: The Supreme Leader of the Revolution has always emphasized the three issues of economy, science and culture and has made demands of the authorities.

The Vice President emphasized: “What can play a role in culture is the discussion of books and reading books, that is, if theater, movies and series are also made, all of these arise from a book, thought, idea and thought.”

Referring to the importance of culture for the 13th government, he said: “Especially with the special view that Mr. President has on culture, we try to pay more attention to this issue and we will see the growth of cultural activities in various fields, including books.”

Hosseini, referring to the National Youth Book Award Ceremony, added: “This ceremony can also be the beginning of the 13th government’s serious efforts on the issue of books and reading and encouraging the young generation to pay attention to this area.”

The Vice President said: “Although now part of the study is done in cyberspace, but as soon as reading becomes part of people’s daily work and it is effective, we should try to get the family used to reading and reading books.”

He added: “The government intends to pay enough attention to culture at the same time as trying to solve economic problems.” God willing, the conditions for reopening schools and universities will be provided, which will have an impact in this area.

He added: “On the other hand, holding festivals, competitions and awards given in book discussions can also create a healthy competition and encourage young people to read more and encourage those who are writers to write.”

Referring to the 13th government’s attention to the issue of culture, Hosseini said: “More attention will be paid to the cultural issue in provincial trips.” There has been some support in the field of books and reading in the past, but in this period there will definitely be more serious support.

The parliamentary vice president emphasized: “Unfortunately, some cultural and artistic activities had suffered a slump and stagnation. Praise be to God, there will be more attention in this government, which, God willing, the details will be stated by the honorable Minister of Culture.” Of course, all areas must help, and this must be done with a division of labor among all cultural institutions.

Asked about his per capita reading, he said: “I am constantly studying. Of course, sometimes I do not have the opportunity to focus on the areas that I am more interested in, but I always use the opportunities that come my way to read books.”

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