The secret of the burnt body in Elahieh of Mashhad

As of 9 a.m.; Announcing this news, Mahmoud Arefirad stated: About four or five days ago, this body was discovered behind the cemeteries of Manzalabad, located at the end of Elahieh.

He continued: “Several people from the sleeping cartons in the area have found the body.” The effects of the beating on the body are clear. The person’s hands were also tied and the body was completely burnt.

The Special Judge for Premeditated Murder in Mashhad stated that the investigation into this case is ongoing: “The matter is definitely criminal, but the identity has not been identified yet.”

Arefiurad said: “Black sports pants, white underwear, red underwear and red sportswear are among the characteristics that have been announced to identify the victim.” Citizens should report any missing persons with these characteristics to the police.

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