The presence of “Narjes Soleimani” in a radio program / talk about media and cognitive sciences

According to the reporter Radio And Television Fars News Agency, the new episode of the program “Twenty-four and one minute” with the subject of examining the style of the media citizen and the role of the media in the development and promotion of citizenship rights and with the presence of Narjes Soleimani, a member of Tehran City Council .

Noushin Rahgozar, the producer of the program “Twenty-four and one minute” in an interview with Fars News Agency, said: “This program, which focuses on Cognitive Sciences Prepared and produced, today, October 17th, the host is Ms. Narjes Soleimani, a member of the Tehran City Council. In this program, we will see the first presence of this member of the city council.

He explained the importance of addressing the cognitive sciences in this radio program: Cognitive sciences deal with how the mind is affected by information, and in fact, the human mind and its functions. that Because the human mind is always in control of the information that surrounds it, and the effectiveness of the access control process goes back to the answer to the question of how the mind deals with information and how it is shaped by it. The Supreme Leader stressed the importance of the cognitive sciences, saying that if a country today lags behind in the cognitive sciences and related technologies, the same fate will befall those who lagged behind in the Industrial Revolution, that is, colonization and subjugation.

Rahgozar added: “For this reason, the subject of this part of the” 24 Hours and One Minute “program is to examine the style of the media citizen and the role of the media in the development and promotion of citizenship rights.” In this program, Narjes Soleimani (expert on social issues and member of the Islamic Council of Tehran) and Dr. Alireza Davoodi (expert on media and cognitive sciences) and Dr. Hadi Alborzi (expert-presenter) will discuss and challenge the issue.

“Twenty-four hours and one minute” will be aired on the radio for 60 minutes today, October 17, from 4:00 PM. And those who are interested can listen to the talk radio on the 103.5 MHz FM band and the Iran Seda application.

Twenty-four and one minute program with the aim of introducing and raising awareness of cognitive sciences in the form of battles, diplomacy and finally wars of cognitive sciences both in the form of peace based on cognitive sciences and in the form of public space of performance within the framework of cognitive sciences in the media. There has been a conversation on the radio since 11 August. This roundtable uses cognitive science techniques to create a discourse based on media techniques and techniques in the field of cognition.

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