The perpetrators of the shooting were caught in the city of Zabul

According to the Borna news agency, Col. Ahmad Samra Hosseini, the police commander of Zabul city, stated: following the shooting and causing panic among the citizens in Golmir village of Zabul city, identifying and arresting the perpetrator or perpetrators of this shooting, especially on the agenda of the city public security police. Zabul was located.

He added: “Law enforcement officers, by carrying out specialized measures and inconspicuous patrols, succeeded in arresting the two perpetrators of the shooting in the shortest possible time, in a surprise move and before any reaction.”

Colonel Samareh Hosseini stated: During the search of the house of these people who were between 27 and 30 years old, a hunting rifle used in the shootings was discovered and during the interrogation, these arrested people confessed to the unauthorized shootings and intimidation of the citizens.

In conclusion, the Zabul police chief stated that the arrested defendants were introduced to the judiciary after the case was filed, and stressed: Slowly

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