The people of Sistan and Baluchestan are a myth and an important part of Iranian history

The Minister of Sports and Youth emphasized on the development of multi-purpose sports facilities and said: “Conditions must be created so that the constructed sports facilities can be used in the best way.”

According to the government’s information base, quoting the Ministry of Sports and Youth, Dr. Seyed Hamid Sajjadi, while expressing satisfaction with the presence of honorable and sports-loving people of Sistan and Baluchestan province and appreciating the representatives and governor of the province for their invitation and hospitality, said: We served the esteemed representatives, received their letters and put them on the agenda, and I considered it my duty to be present at the earliest opportunity among the warm-hearted people of this province, colleagues and hard-working athletes of Sistan and Baluchestan.

The Minister of Sports and Youth continued: “I am thankful to God that today, on the 91st day of my service in the popular government of Ayatollah Reisi, I am serving the people of a region where part of the history and myth of my country has been found.”

Dr. Seyed Hamid Sajjadi regarding the time of completion of sports projects in the north of the province said: In the past decade, some projects are under construction and some of them have been put into operation.

He added: “We should be able to use everything we have in the best way at all appropriate hours with a multi-purpose exploitation plan so that our compatriots can do the best sports activities with the minimum.”

The Minister of Sports and Youth stated that some of the sports projects are under construction: for example, the infrastructure of the Tartan track and the track has been completed and we are trying to use the track considering the time and temperature ahead. Let’s deliver a vector.

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