The need to support the domestic shipbuilding industry by anticipating financing mechanisms

The Director General of the Ports and Shipping Organization stressed the need to support the domestic shipbuilding industry by anticipating financing mechanisms.

According to the government’s information base, quoted by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, the World Maritime Day commemoration ceremony with the slogan “Sailors in the future of shipping” was attended by the Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development and the Director General of the Ports and Maritime Organization and a group of senior managers. It was held symbolically and in compliance with the health protocols, hosted by the Ports Organization.

Mohammad Rastad, Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development and Managing Director of the Ports and Shipping Organization, said at the ceremony that Iran is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of fleet owned and flagged. This capacity is being exploited and this shows that we still have a lot of capacity.

He added: “Apart from the capacities of the port and the fleet, economic relations should grow in such a way that this potential capacity is used optimally.” We must seek to attract transit goods in the right conditions and to turn ports into transit hubs for the region. We have the ability to be the transhipment hub of some ports in the region.

Rastad said that Iran has a good development in the maritime industry in terms of infrastructure capacity, but in ordering domestic construction, financing and financial resources are needed. Now, if the country’s shipping company goes to foreign shipyards, it can buy the ship at 10 percent of the ship’s price and offer the rest to that country as financing the facility at a low interest rate. This shows that other countries are actually supporting their maritime industry.

He added: “In the field of the fleet required by the Ports Organization, which relies on the resources of the organization, all the needs of the next two decades have been ordered to the domestic maritime industry.” In the field of offshore, we are seriously determined to replace the fleet. A movement has started under the special measures of the Supreme Council of Maritime Industries. We also support the management of funds.

The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development, pointing out that the comprehensive plan for commercial ports for the horizon of 1404 has been finalized for the future development of ports according to market studies and economic growth forecast, said: Be. In the development of islands, there was a difference between different stakeholders in organizing, but the Coastal and Ports Organizing Committee approved a special plan to organize 35 islands of the country under the auspices of the Ports Organization and we will have an action plan for all islands in different sectors.

He added: “The integrated coastal management plan has reached the stage of refinement on a scale of 1-5 thousandths; With the approval of management management refinement plans, we will take action on how to properly exploit the country’s coastline.

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