The need for a fundamental overhaul of education

According to reports EconomyOnline، «Masoud MirkazemiReferring to the need to organize budget lines in order to respond and ultimately achieve the goals of the country’s macro-policies, he said: “The goal is to make effective research and technology in the macroeconomic indicators of the country.”

He added: “There should be a fundamental review in the field of education.” Before the victory of the revolution, what was planned in the country were independent areas that were not interdependent and there was no integration inside the country, integration outside the country.

The head of the Program and Budget Organization said that the structure should be reformed so that the effectiveness of education can be seen in all areas. Universities should be polarized based on disciplines, competencies, and elites.

The Vice President continued: “Part of the changes should be addressed in the 1401 budget, and in the Seventh Development Plan, the effectiveness of education in all social, cultural and economic fields should be put on the agenda much more seriously.”

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