The municipality’s cultural and sports are the most appropriate organization for the development of public sports in the community

According to the news agency Berna From Ardabil, members of the public sports board with Abaselat Ebrahimi, director of the Social, Cultural and Sports Organization Municipality Ardabil Didaro talked about the expansion of public sports in Ardabil.
Ishaqzadeh, Chairman of the Public Sports Board Aedebil province In this meeting, he said: considering the important role of sports, especially public sports in the lives of individuals Society So that even public sports in Constitution It has also been seen that we hope that the new city management and the municipality’s cultural and sports organization will contribute to the development of sports in the community by implementing the provisions of previous agreements between the two countries. .
Abasalat Ebrahimi, director of Ardabil Municipality Socio-Cultural and Sports Organization, said: “The municipality is the most suitable organization for conducting public sports in the community due to its facilities and infrastructure, such as public spaces, parks, streets, specialized human resources. Therefore, one of the goals The main cultural, social and sports organization of the municipality is to enrich and spread the culture of sports for the youth and citizens Family And about helping to develop public sports in particular Capacity utilization Parks and rims walking Shurabil as well as the installation of banners Cultural programs And sports The public sports board in the city squares promised to be favorable.
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