The Iranian government is ready to take big steps in the economic sector in the field of cooperation with Venezuela / We are ready to plan for the implementation of the 20-year economic roadmap

According to Borna, Dr. Mohsen Rezaei Economic Deputy President Monday afternoon at Felix Placencia Gonzalez Minister of Foreign Affairs Venezuela says today is the time Government And the nation Venezuela Show as they were capable in the field of resistance, in the field of construction and Economy Are also capable, said: ایران Just as he stood by you in the resistance phase, so he stands by you in the field of construction and economic development.

Dr. Rezaei, emphasizing that the two countries are ready to take big steps together in the construction phase, said: Islamic Republic of Iran Interested in improving the level of its interactions with Venezuela in the field of export of technical and engineering services, construction of refineries and petrochemical complexes, oil extraction, production Steel And other industrial and mining fields.

“The way to save our nations is to work with friendly countries, and we can certainly continue to do so,” he said, noting that the Americans are by no means reliable. Difficulties And cross obstacles.

Minister Felix Placencia Gonzalez foreign Affairs Venezuela also said that the two governments are committed to supporting each other in the international arena, adding that the agreement to hold a meeting of the Joint Economic Cooperation Commission before the end of this year is one of the most important achievements of this trip.

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister added: “I will personally pursue the implementation of the agreements and the development of relations between the two countries, and we will see the results soon.”

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