The CEO of Saipa fired the CEO of Car Relief

The CEO of Saipa Automotive Group fired the CEO of Saipa Auto Relief, emphasizing the need for a more accurate approach by the supervisory units of the managers of the subsidiaries, as well as the observance of the group’s efficiency and competence in administrative processes.

According to the government’s information base, quoting Shata, after investigations into the payment of the mission fee of the CEO of Saipa Auto Relief, the CEO of this automotive group ordered the CEO of Saipa Yadak to investigate the matter and return the amount to the account of Saipa Auto Relief Company.

In addition, Seyed Javad Soleimani fired Mohammad Goodarzi, CEO of Saipa Auto Relief.

It is worth mentioning that in recent days, the issue of receiving the amount of 52 million Tomans from the CEO of Saipa Car Relief Company was published as a mission right in cyberspace, and the CEO of Saipa issued an order to investigate this issue immediately.

This right of mission was due to a business trip to Iraq and the implementation of a special relief services plan for the pilgrims of the holy shrines.

It should be noted that the CEO of Saipa Auto Relief has returned the entire amount to the company’s account before being fired.

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