The body of Martyr Mehdi Muharram was buried in Buin Zahra

According to the news agency Berna From Qazvin; Funeral service for the body of Martyr Mehdi Muharram In a ceremony attended by Qazvin Governor Mohammad Mehdi Alaei, Ruhollah Abbaspour Representative of the people Buin Zahra in Parliament Islami, Sardar Ali Ebrahimi Provincial Police Commander Qazvin, Imams And Governor Buin Zahra and a group of police and military commanders, Basijis and comrades of this martyr were held.

After the funeral of the people of Buin Zahra, the body of this martyr was transferred to his birthplace Arasanj for burial and rested in his eternal home.

Following the clashes between the border guards of the independent Bastam border regiment Kurdistan Province With the armed smugglers, the company clashed with the armed smugglers while monitoring and guarding the border strip, in which the soldiers of the province fought the smugglers with authority and courage.

As soon as the smugglers saw the border guards, they proceeded Shooting They said that the agents also dealt with the miscreants with appropriate operational tactics, and due to the large volume of fire, the smugglers, after several hours of armed conflict, narrowed the field and used Cover The mountains and the darkness of night fled the place.

In this conflict, Mehdi Muharram, a conscript from Qazvin province, bravely stood up against the armed smugglers and achieved a high degree of martyrdom.

The body of this martyr in the tomb of Arasanj martyrs Soil Was deposited.

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