The best mini golf in Tehran were identified

According to Fars News Agency, the first round of the first round of the Tehran Province Mini-Golf Premier League ended with the introduction of the top individuals in the individual section and the first teams in the team section.

Hamid Azizi, President of the Golf Federation, stated at the closing ceremony of the course: Mini Golf Club Miniature The beating heart is a miniature in Tehran province. I thank Erfanian, the head of the provincial golf board and his colleagues, and Mr. Nasiri and Mr. Rezakhani for holding this competition.

He added: the first period of this league was held. Of course, in addition to this important event, we also have the men’s golf championship from tomorrow with nearly 100 participants, which is an important and decisive event. I hope to see the good relationship between golf and mini-golf that has always existed alongside competitions.

At the end of this competition, the top individual players are as follows:


1- Zeinab Hadizadeh

2- Helia Chaternour

3- Fatemeh Afjari


1- Mohammad Shakibamehr

2- Parham Kelvaei

3- Saeed Heidarzadeh

In the team section, the results are as follows:


1- Ferdows team with the combination of Helia Chatr Noor and Mahya Shahsavari

2- Red Crescent team with the combination of Fatemeh Afjari and Farahnaz Shahsavari

3- Miniature team with the combination of Zeinab Hadizadeh and Emily Yarahmadi


1- Fakhteh team with the combination of Mohammad Shakibamehr and Alireza Albooyeh

2- Miniature team with Saeed Heidarzadeh and Farid Nasiri

3- Victory team with the combination of Shahin Adlkhoo and Ali Mohammadzadeh

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