Suicide, the leading cause of death among Zionist militants + statistics

According to the Fars International News Group, the official statistics of the Knesset Research Center (Zionist Parliament) show that the Zionist regime registers 500 suicides every year, 100 of which are among the young generation of this regime and in the age group of 15 to 24. Is the year.

According to “Palestine TodaySuicide is still the leading cause of death in the ranks of the Israeli army in non-combat situations, and this phenomenon has intensified in recent years. But the actual suicide rate seems to be higher than the statistics, because in some cases suicide is seen as an accident during training or an accident, which means that the actual number of soldiers who commit suicide is hidden.

Why do Israeli soldiers commit suicide?

According to the report, the reason for suicide among the Zionist army is due to the spread of this phenomenon in occupied Palestine for various psychological, social and economic reasons, especially as the unemployment rate and poverty have increased. In the Zionist society, he considered it separate.

Suicide rate in occupied Palestine

Palestine Al-Youm added that official statistics from the Israeli Ministry of Health show that in 2020, 6,215 people committed suicide (although not all of them resulted in death). Between 2010 and 2020, some 5,380 people committed suicide in occupied Palestine, about 500 each year. 100 of these statistics are among the Israeli military annually.

According to statistics, 80% of suicide attempts are among men and 20% are related to women. Sixty percent of those who committed suicide were in the high school age group of 26 years. Periods related to preparation for enlistment in the army or military service, as well as periods of service in the army reserve ranks.

“People most at risk of suicide in occupied Palestine are Jewish immigrants from Russia, Ethiopia or Africa, or the elderly, due to economic, social or homelessness,” the report said.

The reason for suicide among the Zionist military

According to the report, the increase in psychological tensions among the military is the main reason for suicide attempts, and this is due to the psychological, social, security, war and constant confrontation.

Most soldiers who have committed suicide have long suffered from anxiety about the future, frustration, and severe confusion. According to statistics, in 2020, 1,710 applications were received from the military for mental health services, and the names of 26 soldiers in the high-risk circle were registered and efforts were made to save them from suicide.

According to the report, military service takes the military away from the environment in which it was located, and this causes tension. Also, military service, interaction with superior orders, distance from parents and friends and the like, as well as the security situation in the 1967 lands where military life is in danger, all cause depression and severe psychological stress among the military.

Hide real statistics

It is estimated that the human resources department in the Israeli army hides the true statistics on the prevalence of suicide among the Zionist military, and suicide is the main cause of death of the Zionist military in the absence of war or military action.

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