Student loan repayment time announced

According to reports EconomyOnlineDue to the beginning of the new academic year and the stability of the coronavirus outbreak, as in the previous three semesters, all students, except those who have a dissertation or dissertation, must attend class virtually. Even new students at all levels of the country’s universities attend classes in absentia to avoid coronary heart disease and its prevalence in the community.

In this regard, in order to meet the conditions of students, the Student Welfare Fund makes arrangements for the payment of student loans in order to address some of the concerns of students about their tuition fees during university.

This contribution from the Welfare Fund, now known as the Student Loan, includes items such as tuition loans, married mortgages, essential loans, special doctoral loans and student loans.

It is worth mentioning that the registration time for student loans is the first semester after the full formation of educational classes in universities, and the Welfare Fund announces the exact time of registration by issuing a circular to the universities.

Referring to the method of repaying student loans in the new semester, he said: “Some conditions for repaying loans have been facilitated and our effort is to repay the loans as soon as possible after sending the application.”

The head of the Student Welfare Fund emphasized: The circular related to student loans will be sent on time and we are determined that no loan list will be left unanswered by the university and students and no eligible borrowing students will be deprived of the loan.

Regarding the credits intended for student loans in the first semester of the 1400 academic year, Dr. Matiei said: For the first semester of the academic year, about 300 billion tomans of credit is predicted for student loans, which is a 30% increase compared to the previous academic year. The new will not change.

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