Show “From the Northern Land” on TV

According to Borna, In the information of this beautiful documentary, we read: This program is produced in the field of Mazandaran studies and Mazandaran tourism, in order to acquaint Iranians with history, culture, scenic areas and local traditions. That’s why not only do you not go around with us! But also a baggage of knowledge of history and culture and Nature You are taking this land.

Mitra Rouhi Roshan is the producer of this documentary series and the history, culture, tourist attractions, local food and other traditional and indigenous attractions of this region of our country in the form of titles such as: Amol Gate of Mazandaran, Babylon and stories and colors, to Sea and forest, Baladeh heights, in Heart Ramsar, the land of dreams, in search of a mirror, in the dream of Ramsar, in the shadow of the Hyrcanian star, passing through paradise from west to east, Kojoor, the ancient land, Sari Capital 6,000 years old, wonders the mountain And winter And travel east for the channel’s audience and viewers Balkan Is introduced.

“From the Northern Land” on Fridays at 19:30 Tehran time in 44 minutes and is the product of the documentary network on the antenna of the Balkan Channel of Sahar Network.

Adin Jasarovic translates and translates this documentary into Bosnian.

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