Shooting at women in Isfahan is a mischief and conspiracy / The pursuit of an acid-spraying bird in Isfahan requires a private plaintiff / They wanted to conspire against some Hezbollah and religious groups

“Hossein Mirzaei”, Representative of the people Isfahan and a member of the cultural commission in Parliament Eleventh, in an interview with the political correspondent of the news agency Berna In response to the question that “the story Shooting To girls in Esfahan “Have you followed up?” said: We had no news in this regard.

In response to the question, which means that you say that such news is false? He expressed: Such a thing has not happened in Isfahan.

The representative of the people of Isfahan, in response to the question why “the cases of acid attack in Isfahan have not been followed up yet and do not want to take any action in this regard?”, Said: The acid attacks that took place in Isfahan were not only in the form of unveiled girls, but also veiled and revolutionary girls. Violence Were located.

Hossein Mirzaei stated: in that time A false atmosphere was formed against some of the collections, which I think was nothing more than a conspiracy. Some people committed such atrocities in order to discredit some religious groups, and strangely enough, some of the women who were oppressed in the acid attack were completely veiled.

Member of the Cultural Commission in response to the question, “Explain specifically why the acid attack cases in Isfahan have not been investigated?” said: For example, in one case Love And he was in love and the person left after hearing a negative answer and made such a mistake. Prosecution of these acid attacks requires a private plaintiff, a complaint must be filed in order for the case to be prosecuted. If they really complained or did not go through the steps, we should be informed of the details of the case.

He stated that this Anomalies “Social has not shown a particular intellectual orientation,” he continued. Some of the acid attacks in Isfahan were carried out out of revenge, which is a very ugly and abnormal move. Some people tried to conspire against some Hezbollah and religious groups in the acid attack in Isfahan, but this was not true, as evidenced by the fact that they also carried out acid attacks on the faces of some veiled women. A conspiracy was being hatched against religious groups.

Hossein Mirzaei in response to the question “Why do we hear disturbing news about women’s rights in Isfahan from time to time?” said: The most religious metropolis The country is Isfahan. They think that if they can tarnish the image of Isfahan as a religious metropolis, they will succeed in tarnishing the image of religion in general. Isfahan is a religious metropolis with high religious standards and in this way they want to ruin the image of religious people.

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