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Until a few years ago, the word “legionnaire” may have been used only to refer to footballers who were transferred to European leagues or Arab countries and played for foreign clubs. But perhaps no one would have thought that in the last year of the fourteenth century we would reach a point where we could even work hard to reach a number to announce the exact number of Iranian legionnaires in fields other than football. What has happened to volleyball today after a remarkable shine in the Asian and world arenas, and now a significant number of Iranian players play in foreign teams.

The story becomes more audible when the names of Iranian girls are added to the list of volleyball legionnaires. Girls who step on the ground in the first level leagues of Europe with the condition of hijab. Zeinab Giveh and Maedeh Borhani somehow joined the Bulgarian and Turkish leagues as the first girls of the Iranian volleyball legionnaire to show the power and ability of Iranian girls to the world.

The presence of Iranian volleyball in world and continental competitions and being on the podium as an important factor makes players more visible. The stars who play in the national teams are never far from the keen eyes of international teams and experts, and they quickly travel to foreign countries with attractive offers.

In the meantime, sports diplomacy cannot be ignored. In recent years, the Volleyball Federation has paved the way for Iranian volleyball across borders by winning international seats in the commissions of the World Federation and the Asian Confederation, and through numerous consultations. The macro and strategic view of the Volleyball Federation management on supporting the players did not limit the growth of Iranian volleyball players inside the country or the national team, and playing in prestigious European leagues contributed to the growth and development of Iranian volleyball every day.

Looking at the list of volleyball legionnaires, the most obvious point is that in the past few years, the title of legionnaire was more focused on stars such as Saeed Maroof, Seyed Mohammad Mousavi, Amir Ghafoor, Farhad Ghaemi, Milad Ebadipoor, Mojtaba Mirzajanpour, but today Many Iranian players have the chance to participate in foreign leagues.

Currently, 6 Iranian girls volleyball players play in the leagues of Portugal, Spain, Slovenia and Turkey, and Portugal has the largest share of these girls.

Mahtab Rahmani and Mona Driss Mahmoudi at the Boavista Club in Portugal, Negin Shirteri at the Das Avis in Portugal, Mina Rousta at the Extremadura Badajs Club in Spain, Soodabeh Bagherpour at the Slovenian Goris and Maedeh Borhani at the Turkish Genclik Club; There are girls who have made women’s volleyball international.

In the men’s section, there are currently 20 Iranians active in foreign leagues, with Portugal and, of course, Turkey being the favorite destinations of Iranian volleyball players. Among the Iranians working in foreign leagues, the following can be mentioned:

Javad Karimi – Green Yard Masik – Belgium
Ali Shahbazi – Extremadura Badajs – Spain
Meysam Salehi – Ulstein – Poland
Milad Ebadipoor – Eskra Belkhatov – Poland
Alireza Abloch – Milas – Turkey
Amir Hossein Khani – Altkama – Turkey
Seyed Mohammad Mousavi – Fenerbahce – Turkey
Azim Salehzadeh – Extremadura Badajs – Spain
Ali Fazli – Luimo Raison – Finland
Tayeb Eini – Rayoim Leimo – Finland
Morteza Sharifi – Sport Tutu – Turkey
Amir Hossein Tokhteh – Radnicki SPD – Serbia
Pendar Momeni – Takovo – Serbia
Ehsan Ahmadi – Daskaldas Sports Club – Portugal
Mohammad Reza Beyk – Dascaldas Sports Club – Portugal
Amir Abbas Moradi – Sporting Club – Portugal
Behzad Kahnemoni – Nixar Baladieh – Turkey
Arman Karimi – Ljubljana Governor – Slovenia
Ako Karimi – Ljubljana Governor – Slovenia
Ali Tabari – Extremadura Badajs – Spain

It should be noted that the mentioned names are Iranians working in European leagues, whose ATCs have been registered in the World Volleyball Federation until today, and it is possible that other players will be added to this list in the coming days.

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