Sanandaj Friday Imam praises Basij and IRGC services in Kurdistan / Appointment of new governor promises good developments in Kurdistan

According to the Fars news agency from Sanandaj, Mamousta Fayeq Rostami in the sermons of Friday prayers in Sanandaj this week, which was held in the presence of worshipers and observing health requirements in the city’s Grand Mosque, said: The governor of Kurdistan attended the Grand Mosque and gathered people in the first days His work as governor proved his worth.

The Friday Imam of Sanandaj stated: With this action, the hardworking farmer showed his popularity and showed that his most important goal is to help the people and try to solve the problems of the province and the development of Kurdistan.

He said that interacting with the people and being with the people is the best way to find out about the problems and capacities, adding that the new governor’s managerial record in various positions and his level of knowledge and awareness promise good developments in Kurdistan.

Mamousta Rostami added: Kurdistan province has a lot of potential are you well Especially in the field of talented, capable and young manpower, we expect the governor to use these capacities in various executive and advisory dimensions for the prosperity and development of the province and solving the problems of the people.

He added: “The IRGC’s services in various fields have played an important role in solving the problems and development of the province, and it is to be thanked and appreciated that our officials are taking steps to serve the people today and are steadfast in this direction.”

The Friday Imam of Sanandaj stated that Basij It is a noble lineage that is mentioned in the Holy Quran, he said: society will not move without thinking of mobilization and mobilization and unity and empathy.

He pointed out: It was the Basij movement and the unity and solidarity of the people that led us to victory against the 37 countries of the world that had attacked Iran with all their might and equipment.

Mamousta Rostami stated: “Relying on the same thinking of the Basij and the unifying movement of the Basij, the Iranian nation was able to bring the Western and Eastern blocs to their knees and taste the bitterest defeat to them.”

He added: “Promoting and institutionalizing the Basij culture and moving in the same direction is the only way to preserve the Islamic Revolution. We must all work in this direction.”

In the last part of his speech, the Friday Imam of Sanandaj considered compassion for others and kindness towards the same kind as the commandments of Islam and said: the heart is not the only organ for pumping blood, it is a place to fill the same kindness and love.

He stated: The Prophet’s kindness towards the Muslim Ummah and Muslims was unparalleled, and in his Ascension he asked God to give a relic to his Ummah.

Mamosta Rostami, by expressing God, considered human beings with God as the best and most effective tool for human happiness in this world and the Day of Judgment, and said: “Prayer is the ascension of man to God, and this shows the importance and position of this main pillar in Islam.”

He said that mosques and Friday prayers are a university and a school for the officials to know more about the people and understand their situation, adding: “When the officials are present among the people, they get acquainted with the conditions and problems of the society and plan to solve them.”

End of message 2330/71

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