Rising rice prices have increased pasta consumption

According to reports EconomyOnline According to Tasnim, Seyed Yaser Ahmadi, a member of the Association of Employers and Pasta Producers, said: “Although the price of pasta has always been higher than rice, but the sudden rise in price of rice has increased the demand for pasta and some people have replaced pasta with rice.” .

He added: “Per capita consumption of pasta has increased. On average, the per capita consumption of this product in the country has reached 6 to 7 kg; Some provinces in deprived areas have a per capita consumption of 10 kg.

A member of the Association of Employers and Pasta Producers continued: “Considering that the purchasing power of the people has decreased, even in some lower deciles, the consumption of pasta has decreased.”

Noting that production costs have increased, he said: “Employees’ salaries and transportation have increased by 30 percent and packaging materials by 40 percent, but the Consumers and Producers Protection Organization has set a price for Macron after 7 months, which is a profit.” It has little for the manufacturer.

Ahmadi called the distribution of wheat by the State Trading Company of Iran unfair and specified: “The distribution of this product among pasta factories is sometimes done according to taste, and companies that have closer relations with the State Trading Company of Iran receive more quotas.”

Referring to the export of pasta to different countries, he said: “A lot of investment has been made in this industry and Iranian pasta is exported to different countries such as CIS, Canada, USA, Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Sweden and France.”

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