Review of the book “History of the first Iranian Academy” in “Chemistry of words” of Radio Farhang

According to Borna; Radio Farhang’s “Chemistry of Words” program on Friday, October 14th, to introduce and review the book “History of the First Iranian Academy”; Compiled and edited by Mohsen Roustaei.

Dr. Bahram Parvin Gonabadi (researcher, writer and literary critic) expert presenter in this part of word chemistry, to review the book “History of the First Academy ایران According to the narration of the documents along with the approved and lost words of the Academy (1314-2320 AD) “is written and corrected by Mohsen Roustaei.

“The first academy of Iran was established in 1314 by the efforts of Zaka-ol-Molk Foroughi (then prime minister) and in 1322, with the death of its last president, Hossein Samiei (Adib al-Saltanah), it was demolished and closed.”

This book, which is introduced and studied in the “Chemistry of Words” program, has been studied and analyzed in two separate parts and in several chapters, and finally the causes and factors have been explained in a way that creates the historical process and word choice of the Academy. The first (1314-1320) were effective.

Each chapter of the book, while having its own historical and research character, but in a general and logical connection, the sum of these chapters clarifies the structure and foundations of historiography of the first academy and, as far as possible, answers all or Most of the hypotheses on which the history of the Iranian Academy depends.

The first part of the book, most of the historical aspect and analysis of the background, has studied how the scientific-cultural and organizational activities of the Academy and in the second part of the book, while stating the generalities and rules …, all the approved words of the Iranian Academy, The use of archival documents and copies of authentic copies has been corrected and suspended.

Undoubtedly, this book, in addition to its importance in the field of word selection history and history the literature Iran has; In terms of social, cultural, political and even ethnographic history, it has a great place in the developments of contemporary Iranian history.

The program of chemistry of words is a work of the book group of Radio Farhang, which is dedicated to the study of ancient texts of Persian literature and researches and books written in the field of these works on Fridays at 13:30. This program, produced by Farideh Goodarzi, will be broadcast on the 106 MHz FM band on Radio Farhang.

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