Recognizing the rivals of Qazvin football players in the National Clubs Cup

According to the news agency Berna From Qazvin; By lot drawn by the league organization football Federation , Representatives of the province in the National Cup Country clubs football They knew their competitors.

Shams Azar Qazvin football team as the representative of the province in League One Soccer The country’s clubs are members, in the first Play Self in National Cup Soccer Country clubs At home, the host will be reminiscent of Andimeshk.

Mansour Abek Javaheri team is also a guest in its third match in the National Clubs Football Cup in Nowshahr. Municipality This will be the city.

Javaheri Mansour Abik and Shams Azar teams in the third stage Competition The football cups of the national clubs of the country will face the rivals on Saturday, December 27th.

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