Recent discovery of Jupiter-like planet provides ‘glimpse into the future’

ANU astrophysicist and cosmologist Dr Brad Tucker says a Jupiter-like planet orbiting a white star which astronomers have recently discovered could provide a look into the future.

“This is kind of cool, this is quite literally like a glimpse into the future of our solar system,” he told Sky News Australia.

“If you want to know your future or your forward planning by about five billion years, this is what it’ll look like.”

Dr Tucker said when the sun turns into a red giant billions of years from now, it will swallow up the planets closest to it including Earth but it is not known what impact it would have on the planets further away.

“The fact that they’ve seen a solar system that is exactly what our solar system will be down the road and have seen that there is a planet almost identical to Jupiter in terms of size and mass that has existed or survived, well that’s a really exciting discovery,” he said.

“It’s confirmation that, yes indeed the planets will survive and the solar system will go on.”

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