Razzaqpour: I hope Soldo sees less of some of our football issues / Skucic encourages people like me

Abolfazl Razzaqpour, in an interview with a sports reporter of Fars News Agency, stated about the 1-0 victory of Traktor football team against Padideh in the sixth week of the Premier League: are you well And we had the ball completely and worked offensively. Thank God we got three points in this home game. Fortunately, the growing trend of the team in these two weeks makes us more motivated to prepare for the next matches.

He explained that apparently Zonimir Soldo has created a positive shock in Traktor, that the team, despite gaining only 3 points in its first four matches, has gained four points in the last two weeks: First, we must work hard. firooz Karimi And thank the staff for the team. The arrival of Soldo gave a positive shock to the tractor and made our training process better. He works a lot on the team technically, spiritually and mentally so that we can improve day by day and prepare ourselves better. The signs of this were also evident in the last two games, because we were in a much better situation in terms of team and physical fitness than before.

The player of the Traktor team stated: Soldo used two different systems in the match against Sepahan and Padideh, and this is a place of hope that prepares the team with different conditions. We do a specific training for each match and play with the system that this coach has in mind with a good analysis of the opponent. Traktor’s team performance in these two matches was good and we were able to achieve good results. I hope we continue this process.

Razzaqpour explained about the clashes during the game between Traktor and Padideh: “Something happened between the two halves, but I was away from the scene and when I reached the entrance of the locker room, I saw that there was a noise.” I did not see any particular conflict, but apparently there was an argument during the game that caused the agents of the two teams to argue when they returned to the locker room. According to what I heard, the players who were in the midst of this conflict rubbed each other in the locker room before the start of the second half, and this problem was solved. In general, these tensions are normal in football.

He’s about the head coach’s surprise Croatian Of these tensions, he said, he has worked to a level where such incidents are less likely to happen and the players are more focused on technical work. I hope Soldo does not see more of such issues in our football and does not get acquainted with them.

“It was a debate from the beginning of the season,” the Traktor midfielder said of Soldo’s comments that the team needed to sign new players. Even the previous staff wanted to strengthen the team because the good quality players who played together for one to two years and had a certain performance in Traktor left us at the end of the season, but some issues such as the closing of the transfer window caused such That our team should not be strengthened. Soldo will definitely introduce players to the club according to his own opinion, and I hope that everything that is good will happen. Quality players must be added to the team that will improve the technical process of the team and even ourselves.

Razzaqpour explained about his situation in recent weeks: “Thank God, I am in good condition and since Soldo came to Traktor, we have all been training much better and more motivated to have the best performance in the year of the World Cup.” Like all players, I want to play the best games to try my luck at reaching the national team jersey. The good thing is that Skocic and his assistants watch all the games well, and that encourages young people like me. I took this procedure myself and from the beginning of the season, my goal was to have the best performance with the tractor shirt so that I could get from this team to the national team uniform.

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