Rain and snow in 12 provinces of the country from Thursday

According to reports EconomyOnline According to ISNA, the head of the Traffic Police Information and Control Center of Rahvar Naja Police explained the latest weather and traffic situation on the country’s roads.

Colonel Ahmad Shirani about the latest weather and traffic situation of the country’s transportation axes, said: Currently, according to the received traffic reports in the four axes of Qazvin-Karaj freeway in the area of ​​Shahid Kalantari terminal to Ferdis bridge, Karaj-Tehran freeway in the area of ​​Ferdis bridge to the bridge Clock, Shahriar-Tehran axis in the area of ​​Shahr-e-Quds intersection and Kafsh-e-Melli bridge and the south-north route of Karaj-Chalous axis in the area of ​​tunnel No. 5 are semi-heavy.

He continued: According to the announcement of the Meteorological Organization, from Thursday this week, snow and rain in most parts of Mazandaran, East Azerbaijan, Ardabil, Tehran and Alborz provinces and rain in most parts of Khorasan Razavi, Semnan, Golestan, North Khorasan provinces, Zanjan, Qazvin and Gilan are forecast.

Shirani continued: “According to this, there are no suitable conditions for traveling on the roads of the country at the end of this week, especially in the northern provinces of the country.” If compatriots plan to travel during these days, it is necessary to consider more time to reach the destination, and due to rainy conditions and slippery roads, it is recommended to be more careful and observe a longer distance with the car in front to avoid accidents. .

The head of Rahoor Naja Police Traffic Information and Control Center said: “It is very important to ensure that the car wiper and car heating system are safe before traveling in this situation.”

Tehran-North freeway closure for another six days

Colonel Shirani also announced the extension of the blockade of the Tehran-North freeway and stated in this regard: Due to the construction operation that started at the beginning of this week on the North Tehran freeway, this freeway was blocked.

He said: this blockade has been extended for another 6 days and according to this, this freeway will continue to be closed until 03/08/1400.

Shirani said: Dear compatriots, if you need traffic, you can use Karaj-Chalous road, Haraz road and Firoozkooh road.

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