Qasempour: فنی The technical wealth of the national team is higher than what we see / Are we just one participant in the World Cup?

Ebrahim Ghasempour in an interview with a sports reporter of Fars News Agency about the national team match against South Korea, which ended in a one-on-one draw, said: South Korea is a team of our level. There is no problem that we scored a goal, but our football has a problem. We haven’t played well in a few matches, although we got results. We know the abilities of our players. Their technical wealth is far greater than what we have seen in the last few games, and they are expected to offer football with a more planned schedule.

He stated: When our football is unplanned, it is criticized. I am not talking about criticizing a particular person. Our expectations may be high, but our team was the same, regardless of the game against South Korea, against the UAE, and had no specific plans to score. Before receiving the goal, South Korea owned the pitch and the ball. After we scored, we came to our senses. We attacked with more people and scored. We also had one or two good opportunities that we lost. After the equalizer, we are back in the same shape and image of the first game, while when we are on our own field and we have capable people, the expectations are higher.

Asked if the result of the game was fair, the football expert said: “In this type of game, where two teams are on the same level, the result depends on which team has a higher IQ and makes better use of the opportunities it gains.” One team may have many opportunities and not use them, but the other team may have fewer opportunities are you well use. We shot two balls, the opponent had a good opportunity in the 93rd minute and Biranvand worked wonderfully. The result was fair, but there is no denying that South Korea played with a better plan.

He talked about the time and manner of substitutions of the national team in this game and also not using Saman Qudus “The coach is free to make substitutions,” he said. Whoever it is, there are certainly criticisms of his choices and substitutions. However, the substitutions could have been sooner and better. When you put two players of the same style and form, such as Noorullahi and Ezzat Elahi, who are both destructive players, in the middle of the field, you need a player who gives a good pass in depth or behind the defense. Saman Qudus could have replaced one of our midfielders because his passing power was much better.

Qasempour clarified: Or when you send Ghaedi to the field in the 90th minute, there is no time and this player will be disappointed. He could have made more mistakes from the Koreans because of his speed and technique, or we could have used the speed and technique of counter-attacking when South Korea was under pressure. Of course, each coach has his own tastes and thoughts, and these are our personal opinions. Maybe a player enters the field, scores a goal and is called a golden substitute, maybe a player enters the field, has an effect on the team’s goal and is told a bad substitution, I do not believe this talk. In football, the best must be used. Now, every result wants to be achieved. It was possible that with the presence of Qudus, that ball would have scored in the 93rd minute and we would have lost.

The football expert said: “But we have to admit that we have problems that we are talking about to improve the situation of the team and we have nothing to do with Skochic.” For example, we have two very good central strikers who are in their best condition. They have good cutting power but they were not sent well from the wings. Also, our midfielders did not really feed these two strikers well, and if a situation arose, they created it for themselves.

Asked if the national team’s work would be difficult in the return leg of the World Cup qualifiers, he said: “There are a number of problems that need to be addressed. Although football events are not predictable, our team is one of the best in both groups. I’m sure the team will advance to the World Cup, but do we want to be just an empty participant there? We have to think that after many years we will be able to advance from our group in the World Cup.

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