New case highlights need for Gold Coast to lift vaccination rates

But the Gold Coast has been trailing behind the statewide averages for vaccine uptake for some time, with the city on Monday officially marking 71.4 per cent of residents having had a first dose, and 54.9 per cent fully vaccinated.

Brisbane, meanwhile, had 79.1 per cent of people with their first dose and 64 per cent with their second, while statewide figures showed 72.81 per cent of residents with one dose and 57.45 per cent with two.


Despite his city lagging in the rollout, Gold Coast mayor Tom Tate this week called for the border with NSW to be lifted even earlier than planned in the state’s roadmap to reopening.

“I’ve analysed the statistics including the surge in COVID vaccination uptake over the weekend and it confirms that if we kept that trend up, the Queensland-New South Wales border fencing should be ripped up and thrown out the dump on November 25 – not December 17,” he said.

“November 25 is an achievable date for 80 per cent double vaccination across Queensland, including the Gold Coast.

“Every day counts when it comes to small business and tourism. We could even stretch it out to December 1 … but not December 17.

In response, Ms Palaszczuk criticised the Gold Coast’s vaccination figures.

“They are close to the border, when people come across the border to see family and friends after the 17th of December, a lot people will come by road and they’ll be stopping at the nearest cafe, coffee shop, fish and chip place on the Gold Coast to entertain their friends and family,” she said earlier in the week.

“So that is why it is absolutely critical that the Gold Coast steps up because they are lagging behind Brisbane at the moment.”

Queensland’s vaccinate uptake has slowed over the last week, but Ms Palaszczuk on Thursday said she was confident it would rise again as the government’s regional blitz convinced more people to get vaccinated.

The state was also due to hold another “Super Saturday” event with extra pop-up clinics around the state.

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