Navidkia: We were not well organized in the counter-attacks

According to reports EconomyOnline According to ISNA, Muharram Navidkia said on Tuesday night after his team’s 2-0 victory over Rafsanjan Copper: “The first half was not pleasant and we did not have good conditions.” The first 10 minutes were normal and I did not expect this game from Sepahan, but after that we took control of the game. Our type of football was normal, but in the second half the situation improved. The fact is that from the 70th minute onwards, Mess played a suicidal game, and from then on we expected to work much better against the counter-attacks. We were not well organized in the counter-attack and our structure would have been better if it had been better. Unfortunately, in the last 20 minutes, we gained space for words, but we missed opportunities. If we want to work with this system, we will continue to have problems. Teams in the role of the world want to take advantage of us, and in other matches they may be in a tighter defensive line against us.

“There was no protest,” he said of Marzban’s yellow card. Marzban got angry with the bad performance of the players and dropped the bottle and got a yellow card for it.

Navidkia added: “I was satisfied with the new players and they worked very well.” All four players were good and help us.

In the end, he said: Do not get tired of copper, I say that he worked smart in the first half. I also thank the fans because no one came in front of the bus today and allowed us to come to the stadium.

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