Mr. Ghaltandaz comes to life after 50 years from the frame of “Parnian Seda”

According to the group Culture and Art Borna News Agency; The eighth episode of this week’s Parnian Seda TV series presents the happy show “Mr. Mistakerer” to the audience. This show is a lasting effect

The living memory of “Hossein Madani” is a writer, satirist with the artist Ali Tabesh, Manouchehr Nozari and Soraya Ghasemi and directed by Hamid Ghanbari after 50 years in the frame Television Is depicted.

This week, “Parnian Seda” also hosts “Mino Jabbarzadeh”, a veteran actor, director and performer of the country, who talks to the audience about the memories of his 40 years of artistic activity from his childhood until now.

Introducing the old radio program entitled “Journey and Journey” performed by Taji Ahmadi and Reza Moeini and the humorous and critical rhythmic piece “Wai Chi Begum” performed by Manouchehr Nozari is one of the interesting parts of this part of Parnian Seda.

This week’s theatrical jokes with artists Gholamhossein Bahmanyar, Abbas Mossadegh, Ms. Morin, Ezatullah Moqbeli, Mohsen Harandi, Manouchehr Azari, Alireza Javidnia, Mehran Emamieh, Amir Soheili, Nazanin Mahimani and Monica Jahanban will be presented to the audience.

The new contest “Sustainable Voice” will be held in this section according to the previous routine and the winners of the previous contest will be announced, as well as a piece from the famous song “Lily Tribe” will be heard and commented on by the viewers.

The program “Parnian Seda” produced by Saeed Tavakol Kari from the group Family And he is the child of Panj Sima, which is presented to the audience for 45 minutes every Friday at 8 pm.

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