Mohammad Rabiee: Our players have not reached coordination yet / Sepahan got the salary of its superiority

Rafsanjan copper head coach spoke about the 2-0 defeat against Sepahan. According to ILNA, Mohammad Rabiee stated in a press conference after the first week match against Sepahan: – In a press conference after the first week match against Sepahan, he said: Do not get tired of Muharram Navidkia and the Sepahan team and congratulations. The first game had many ups and downs. Yesterday I also talked about the necessary coordination. “The game had two parts for me and our team before and after Ansari’s injury.” Prior to this, Sepahan had a position for us and a position for us. The game was under our control, but after Ansari’s injury, our team’s focus was lost and we scored in the worst possible time. Unfortunately, we fell behind by one to zero. In the second half, individual mistakes led to Sepahan’s second goal, but in the last 30 minutes of the game, we took a risky part of the game forward. We tried to run the game completely from above. I was sure that we would get opportunities and at the same time opportunities would be given to Sepahan. We were able to get a penalty, which unfortunately did not score.
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