Mobarakeh Steel was the first, National Iranian Copper Industries Company was the second, Khuzestan Steel was the third, and Isfahan Steel was the fourth

Based on the sales value of companies’ products in the physical market of Iran Commodity Exchange during November of this year, Mobarakeh Steel of Isfahan, National Iranian Copper Industries Company – Khuzestan Steel, Isfahan Steel, Isfahan Oil Refinery, Tondgovian Petrochemical, South Hormozgan Steel, Tehran Oil Refinery ( Tondgovian), Arvand Petrochemical, Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization of Iran were named the top 10 companies in the Commodity Exchange.

According to the Qatreh website and quoting from the world of mining; Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company, with a transaction of 424,630 tons of products, including sheets, recorded a value of 91,790 billion rials, and along with the growth of volume and value of transactions, maintained the first place and the top company in terms of market value of transactions. Physical Commodity Exchange in the eighth month of this year.

After Mobarakeh Steel, the National Iranian Copper Industries Company maintained the second place with sales of 19 thousand and 621 tons of various products including cathode copper, low grade copper, molybdenum sulfur and precious metal concentrate worth 36 thousand and 202 billion Rials.

Khuzestan Steel Company with a trade of 165 thousand and 560 tons of slabs and ingots worth 23 thousand and 985 billion rials, while significantly increasing the volume and value of transactions, won the third place, and then Isfahan Steel Company with sales of 139 thousand and 864 tons of beams and rebars, as well as rails and benzene worth more than 21 thousand and 1

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