Minister of Economy visits Incheh Borun border railway

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance visited the Incheh Borun border railway station this morning.

According to the government information base quoted by Shada, Dr. Seyed Ehsan Khandouzi visited this international railway network, which facilitates the rail exchanges of Central Asian countries with the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially Golestan province, and is the basis for the economic development of the region. .

During the visit, the Director General of the Northern Railway, while comparing the corridor through Incheh Borun with the rival corridors, pointed to the measures taken at the Incheh Borun Border Logistics Center.

Saeed Mohammad, Secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Zones, Governor of Golestan and a number of representatives of the people of Golestan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly accompanied Dr. Khandozi in this visit.

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