Members of parliament should be among the people

According to the Fars news agency from Kuh-e Chenar, Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Mohammad Ali Shahim in his Friday prayer sermon today, referring to the nuclear talks, said: Westerners do not understand that our country is not deprived of its rights and countries like China And Russia insisted on Iran’s right.

He said that the Westerners, by arguing with the IAEA, together with the country and the Cooperation Council of the Persian Gulf and the Zionist regime, are creating a consensus against Iran, while they do not reach a consensus.

Hojjatoleslam Shahim continued: “These movements of the West lead to failure and the officials should not fall short of their positions.”

Khatib Jomeh Koohchenar, emphasizing on dealing with astronomical rights, added: “A few years ago, the Supreme Leader requested the need to deal with astronomical rights and in contrast to these points, and the previous government did nothing and the new government should take steps by three forces.”

Hojjatoleslam Shahim stated that being a revolutionary should definitely not be just a slogan: they should prove that they are revolutionary in practice and reject those who have caused the current situation with mismanagement.

The Friday Imam of Kuh-e Chenar pointed to the water tension in the country and stated: The problem and shortage in the country is due to the three issues of climate change, being away from the big seas and entering and leaving the dry season and managing water resources.

He said that the current problem is not the lack of water but the lack and weakness of management, he said: serious consideration should be given to the consumption pattern, cultivation pattern and well drilling.

Hojjatoleslam Shahim called on those who took to the streets for water shortages to give the government a chance to solve the problem with expert opinion.

Referring to the martyrdom of Ayatollah Modarres and the day of the parliament, he said: The most obvious characteristic of Ayatollah Modarres was to be popular and to be among the people.

Khatib Jomeh Kuhchenar, stating that Peoples word He added that it is different to be among the people in order to understand what the main problem of the people is.

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