Mehdi Ghaedi is happy to compare him with Ali Karimi

Happiness Mehdi Qaidi That along with National team Iranian football is experiencing the path to the 2022 World Cup. However, it is difficult to enter the main squad of the national team, and the quality players in the offensive phase are like other high-traffic lines. After the game with South Korea, we had a short opportunity to talk to the Iranian football team. We read the result of his words together:

* Mehdi as the first question; Many said it would have been better for Mehdi Ghaedi to start playing football abroad with a European team. What do you think about this?

Well, I was a player of Esteghlal Club, and in my separation, the interests of Esteghlal Club should have been taken into account, and I am happy that my presence in Shabab Al-Ahly Club made Esteghlal Club earn a good income. Of course, I also had offers from European clubs that did not seem to be able to meet the financial demands of Esteghlal Club. My presence in Shabab Al-Ahly team makes me familiar with the football atmosphere abroad. In this case, being in a European team will not be new to me and I will work more easily. There is an opportunity and I will definitely try to join a good European team one day by improving the quality of my game. I repeat, I would have liked this to happen, but I was a club player and the club decided for me. Of course, I am not upset about this, because Esteghlal Club has a great right on my neck.

* Apparently Farhad Majidi was against your separation …

Naturally, the head coach of each team wants to keep his players for the new season. But there was a good opportunity for me to leave Esteghlal Club, which benefited both me and Esteghlal Club, and after the talks, we decided to make this transfer. After years of playing for Esteghlal and the good experiences I had, it was my turn to join a foreign team. And perhaps this opportunity that was now available would not be available in the future. From my side and everyone must believe that football is a team game and no team relies on one player. Esteghlal in the upcoming season with tact Farhad Majidi And the efforts of the management as well as the players will achieve better results. Although I am not with the Blues in the new season, my soul and heart are in independence and I pray for the success of independence.

* Couldn’t you join Shabab Al-Ahly team camp after the game with Al-Hilal?

I did not have a problem with this issue and I even wanted to play in this game, but Shabab Al-Ahly Club insisted that I should be in the team camp from the beginning of the games. In my opinion, past events should not be highlighted and we should plan for future success. In my opinion, both Farhad Majidi and Esteghlal Club have come to the conclusion of what factors have caused the loss of trophies in the past. A good plan for the future and the support of the technical staff as well as the timely payment of wages will bring good days back to independence.

* It was really about being in Al-Gharafah team. The team is led by Stramaccioni. The coach you love so much …

Al-Gharafah wanted me too, and that was because of Stramaccioni’s belief in my style of play, especially since I could play with the sheikh again. But emotion has no place in football, and since the club’s strategy was to join the Shabab Al-Ahly team, I did it and I am happy with this choice. I like Shabab Al-Ahly team and its spectators. They are very kind to me.

* In the second half of the game with Sharjah, you made a fuss until the TV reporter told you the new wizard. The nickname previously given to Ali Karimi.

Well, that was the reporter’s favor to me. Why I was happy to be compared to Ali Karimi, but I do not know myself as much as Ali Karimi. Ali Karimi was one in our football and will not be repeated. He was literally a great man and a wizard in football, and I personally love him and wish him success wherever he is.

* And in the case of Ahmad Noorullahi, it has been rumored several times that Mehdi Ali (head coach) is not satisfied with his performance and the club is seeking to remove his name from the list of Shabab Al-Ahly …

it is unbelievable. The player who is one of Skocic’s main men is definitely a quality player. It is better not to talk more about the news that you are saying.

Mehdi Ghaedi is happy to compare him with Ali Karimi

* And in the game against South Korea, you found little opportunity to play.

Well I long to attend Fixed national team composition I have no doubt that if I had more chances to play against South Korea, I would have helped the national team on the road to victory, but the coach’s opinion was that I would play in the 90th minute, which is respectable for me. Honestly, there is a good atmosphere in the national team camp. For us, the success of the national team is more important than playing, but I am not lying. Achieve in the national team technically.

* And the result of the game against South Korea …

Well, the Koreans had come to gain three points in the game with our defeat in Tehran and go to the top of the table. In the first half, the press was on their agenda and it made it difficult for us to rotate the ball and we had no choice but to play long breaks to break the press. But they got tired in the second half and it gave us a good opportunity to move forward and create opportunities. You saw, apart from the goal we scored, our ball hit the goalpost twice. If one of these balls turned into a goal, we would have won. Thanks to him, we achieved a game point and we are still at the top of the table.

* And do you accept the criticism of the national team?

There is always criticism for all teams, even if you have not lost in the last 11 games and won in 10 games. This is the nature of football and it should not upset us and we should continue on the path we have chosen. The Iranian national football team is not without flaws, just as the best club football team in the world and even the best national team in the world can be criticized. Some of these criticisms are constructive, but we will continue our training in the national team and our goal is to reach the World Cup as the first team in Group A. I personally read the reviews and if it is true I will learn from it and if it is wrong I will skip it and not try to answer because this challenge may take me off the path I am on and lead me to Drive back. The performance of the national team is defensible and admirable with 10 wins and one draw in the last 11 games. With all the criticisms and, of course, the objections of the national team.

* And the last word …

I thank all the coaches who worked hard for me at Esteghlal Club and the teams I played for in the past. I hope to experience more progress in football to somehow respond to their efforts.

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