Majidi: The parliament should look at the constitution of the football federation as a sport / Let us not let the enemy rejoice

Mirshad Majedi in an interview with Mizan about the latest status of the Football Federation’s statute, which has reached the warning level, said: “While thanking all those who worked hard for the statute and moved forward until last year’s elections of the Football Federation are facing problems Do not; – This statute has been approved by FIFA and the Football Federation Assembly, which was also approved by the cabinet. It was about a month and a half ago that Azizi Khadem, in a letter to the Ministry of Sports, mentioned that this statute has now been submitted to the Islamic Consultative Assembly. He continued: As a member of the board The Football Federation, I ask the esteemed members of parliament to look at this issue from other dimensions, in the form of football and sports, in addition to the fact that they look at it legally, so that we do not rejoice over some of the enemy’s events and do not allow those who Against the football of this country and the people of Iran, they try not to be happy that FIFA creates a special problem for us. Mirshad Majedi emphasized: I ask the esteemed members of the Assembly and the esteemed Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, as a member of the country’s football family, to have a comprehensive and comprehensive review of Article 1 of the Articles of Association as soon as possible.
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