Live Thanksgiving ceremony in memory of Jafar Shahriyeh, author and researcher of Tehran history on Radio Farhang

According to Borna; On the occasion of “Tehran Day” commemoration week, the “Thanksgiving Rite” program will be broadcast on Friday, October 14th, in honor of Jafar Shahriyeh, a writer and researcher in the history of Tehran, on Farhang Radio.

In this program, Nasrullah Haddadi, Hassan Anvari, Hossein Imani Jajarmi talk about the living memory of Jafar Shahri.

Jafar Shahri was born in 1293 in the Odlajan neighborhood of Tehran and died at the dawn of December 27, 1999.

In two collections, “Old Tehran” (5 volumes) and “Social History of Tehran in the Thirteenth Century” (6 volumes), Shahri describes the historical atmosphere of Tehran in detail. His other work, “Sugar and Salt”, is a collection of original Tehrani terms with descriptions and background. Three Novel Among his novels, “Bitter Sugar”, “Nettle” and “Pen of Destiny”, there are three trials, the first of which is related to the author’s childhood and his mother’s sufferings, the second is a description of his adolescence, and the third is related to his middle age. The books “Hajji in Farang” (in two volumes) and “Hajji again” Travelogue The author went to Mecca and then Europe.

Other works of Jafar Shahri include “Ensieh Khanum” and “Ali (as)”.

Those who are interested can listen to “Thanksgiving Rite” at 12:00, produced by Masoumeh Sadat Alavi Neko, on the 106 MHz FM band on Radio Farhang.

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