LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: All about the money

These mask and vaccine mandates and their accompanying threats of arrest and employment termination — even of those health-care heroes who have worked this pandemic for nearly two years and airline pilots — is about as moronic as you can get.

But NFL, collegiate football and baseball’s major league playoff ballgames feature herculean crowds jammed into stadiums predominately maskless, as well as presumptively non-vaccinated against the Chinese virus.

Anthony Fauci remains silent regarding these filled stadiums. His marxist, mainstream-media buddies refuse to report the hypocritical dichotomy between these government mandates and jam-packed stadiums.

Why? Ostensibly, there is a correlation between the silence of these Fauci/media lambs and the revenues provided to these schools, professional sports franchises and television networks.

But of course, it’s always about the money.


Terre HAute, Ind.

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