Leap of production in 30,000 hectares of rainfed areas of Mazandaran / activity of 70 agricultural drones in the province

According to the Fars news agency from Sari, in order to support the middle and lower classes of society and achieve Self-sufficiency And food security, with the emphasis of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, the Minister of Jihad for Agriculture and the Executive Headquarters of Imam Khomeini (as), the plan Production mutation In the rainforests of Mazandaran, at the level of 30,000 hectares, with the support of the Agricultural Jihad and the executive headquarters of Imam Khomeini (as), the province will be operational.

If the project is implemented successfully, which will be implemented in the rainfed areas of the province, next year it will increase to 90,000 hectares of rainfed areas in the province.

Suitable facilities have been considered for the implementation of this plan, which will be used to purchase agricultural implements, which include low-interest facilities with multi-year repayment.

One of the goals of this project is to pay attention to the development of forage, cereals and oilseeds in rainfed areas along with wheat and barley.

Lack of water and rainfall in rainfed areas is one of the most important factors limiting the development of cultivation in rainfed areas.

Due to the increase in input prices and the lack of necessary liquidity for farmers in the rainfed areas of the province, the provision of low-interest facilities for farmers in the upstream areas is on the agenda to achieve a jump in production in these areas.

Attention to conservation agriculture is also one of the important and emphasized components in the development of drylands to be effective in reducing soil erosion while maintaining moisture.

Azizaleh Shahdifar, the head of Mazandaran Agricultural Jihad Organization, said in this regard: in the agricultural sector, according to the existing conditions, priorities should be addressed and the jump in production in drylands is one of these priorities that will make optimal use of the province’s neglected capacity.

He added: The executive staff of Imam Khomeini (as) is working alongside the agricultural jihad to be able to activate the production capacity in the rainfed areas and determine the leap in production.

Shahidifar mentioned the development of mechanization, observance of crop rotation, observance of conservation agriculture, variety of crops and variety of crops as important goals of this project and added: Mechanized cultivation in recent years are you well In rice cultivation, it has reached about 130,000 hectares, and in rainfed areas, we must move towards the development of mechanized cultivation.

In another part of his speech, the head of Mazandaran Agricultural Jihad Organization pointed to the need to provide low-interest facilities to farmers involved in this project and said: “Through these facilities, we will expand the province’s mechanized farming fleet.”

He emphasized on the use of UAVs in the rainfed areas of the province and added: so far, 150 UAVs have been introduced to enjoy the facilities, of which 70 have been flown in the agricultural sky of the province.

Shahidifar stated that contract farming is another priority Ministry of Agriculture And the current requirement of the country is agriculture, he continued: contract agriculture gives the farmer the assurance to produce his product without worrying about sales.

The head of Mazandaran Agricultural Jihad Organization emphasized: This year, remittances of agricultural inputs In the form of Electronics are exported and there is no need for farmers to be present in agricultural jihad centers.

In the end, he emphasized the development of rapeseed cultivation in different parts of the province due to the recent rains.

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