Larijani’s 30-page response to the Guardian Council

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting Fars, after the Guardian Council announced the reasons for Ali Larijani’s disqualification, the former Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly responded to the issues raised by the Guardian Council in a detailed text and wrote his discussions in writing. Has sent to the leaders of the forces and many political figures.

In a text of about 30 pages, Larijani has tried to answer all the doubts and questions of the Guardian Council. He said that although such measures would no longer benefit him, they would improve the Guardian Council’s approach.

Earlier, Ali Larijani was disqualified for the 1400 presidential election.

Kadkhodai tweet was published on June 12, 1400. Larijani replied: “According to the ruling order of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, following the announcement of the general election policies in 1995 and following paragraph 11-2, the Guardian Council is obliged to give written reasons to the candidates in the presidential election regarding the reasons for their disqualification.” To provide. “

The warning of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution on 14 June 1400 and after that Larijani’s insistence and the publication of materials by him to make public the reasons for his disqualification kept the case of this case open.

On 16 August 1400, the spokesman of the Guardian Council, Tahan Nazif, announced that he had been informed of the reasons for Ali Larijani’s disqualification.

Another important point made in the spokesman’s remarks was this section: “We provide them with what has been in the examination of the qualifications of the individuals. “He announces that he has an answer and it has been announced so far, but we do not know the reason for the lack of qualification because it was a secret vote, and the reason for not announcing the reasons for disqualification is that we have a legal prohibition and we cannot announce them.”

It seems that, as the Guardian Council spokesman said to Larijani, what the council has said is what was said at the council meeting, and because of the secret vote of the members, only the issues that were discussed collectively at the meeting were mentioned. And it has been examined that the same matter has been tried by Ali Larijani to be answered in detail and legally.

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