Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad are rich in human resources / The activities of this province are valuable and lasting

According to the Borna news agency from Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province; During the meeting, which was attended by Mehdi Habibi, Director General of Human Resources, and Mohammad Malek Sabet, Director General of Legal Arts, Qaradaghi pointed to the administrative and financial problems of the staff and said: Do not say that I should closely examine the problems and shortcomings of the staff.

He said: “This province may be deprived in terms of facilities, but it is rich in terms of human resources and divine gifts and needs comprehensive management and support.”

Qaradaghi stated: What we have seen and heard in this province are valuable and lasting activities that this process should be strengthened and continued.

The administrative and financial deputy of the Arts Center pointed to the lack of a cinema hall in Yasuj and said: this city, as the center of the province with a high population, does not even have a cinema hall and it does not beautify this city.

Qaradaghi called cinema a healthy and low-cost entertainment, saying: “The existence of cinema halls in this city could have a good entertainment capacity at a lower cost for people and families, but unfortunately nothing has been done in this regard.”

He added: “Hozeh Honari, as the custodian of cinema in the country, currently has 163 cinemas with bright lights, of which 63 halls were built and commissioned during the Corona days, and we consider this as the result of the efforts of our colleagues around the clock.”

Qaradaghi stated: With the consultations we had with the municipality and Yasuj city council, we hope that with cooperation and interaction, we can add Yasuj to the country’s cinema and make the dear people of this city enjoy this blessing.

The head of the province’s arts department, referring to the capacities and deprivations of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad provinces, said: “This province is a rich province in terms of natural and human resources, but it has not yet been able to benefit from its richness in its growth and development.” .

Sharif Eslami added: Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad were oppressed by the Pahlavi regime and deliberately kept in deprivation, and everything this province has now is thanks to the Islamic Revolution.

He said: “The deprivations left from the past along with the mountainous and impassable geography of the province have led to this province still facing many problems in the development discussion compared to other provinces.”

Eslami pointed to the deprivations in the field of culture and art and said: the lack of cultural and artistic places and infrastructures, including cinemas, cultural centers, theaters, galleries, etc., is worrying due to the growing population in this city. Is.

He stated: The art field, as one of the effective and prestigious art institutions in the province, has been living in rented buildings for many years, and despite numerous follow-ups in recent years, this problem has not been solved yet.

Eslami stated: “Despite all these deprivations and restrictions, but the young artists of this province with their pure talent have been able to shine in national and international festivals and gain honor for their province.”

In the end, Var emphasized on the cooperation and assistance of provincial and national officials to solve cultural and artistic problems and obstacles in this province.

Meeting with the mayor and chairman of Yasuj city council and consulting on the construction of a cinema and a cultural and artistic complex were other programs of the one-day visit of the administrative and financial deputy of the country’s art field to Yasuj.IMG-20211019-WA0032

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