Kawasaki To Unveil Three New Electric Motorcycles In 2022

Kawasaki Motors President and CEO Hiroshi Ito have announced that the Japanese brand will introduce not one, but three new electric models in 2022. Addressing the assembled crowd at the EICMA 2021 show in Milan, Italy, Hiroshi Ito laid down a broad outline for Kawasaki’s immediate future plans, including alternative fuels, as well as new products. What is clear from the comments from EICMA 2021 quoted by several sources, is that Kawasaki intends to fully embrace a carbon-neutral society. And what is important is that Kawasaki seems to be almost ready with several new electric models.

“I would like to share a new commitment with you now. Next year, in 2022, we will show a minimum of three electric vehicles globally. That is a promise,” said Hiroshi Ito, President and CEO, Kawasaki Motors.

The news seems to be part of Kawasaki’s plans to introduce 10 electric and hybrid motorcycles by 2025. But what is also interesting is Kawasaki’s plans to evaluate other forms of cleaner transportation. In his address, the Kawasaki Motors President and CEO also made mention of the Japanese brand’s commitment to exploring other power sources, including hydrogen, hybrids, and eFuels.

“In addition to electric vehicles, Kawasaki is looking at all options as we work towards achieving a carbon-neutral society. One example is a hydrogen engine. In Japan, all industries supported by the government are making great efforts to make hydrogen a practical domestic alternative are currently moving forward. The Kawasaki Group is taking on a key role in this project, leading the way in hydrogen production, transport, storage, and use.

“And just recently, on November 13, Kawasaki Motors decided to take the first steps in developing a hydrogen-powered motorcycle engine with Yamaha. Of course, we will look at the possibilities of other alternative fuels, like biofuel and eFuels,” added Hiroshi Ito.

The announcement is a clear indication that Kawasaki is serious about cleaner transportation and is leading the development and pursuit of alternative power sources. And it will be interesting to see what the three new electric products will be, but even more interesting will be the development of alternative fuels, including hydrogen power.

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